About us

The UNESCO Chair on Lifelong Professional Education in the XXI Century was founded in 2016 and based on the Ivan Ziaziun Institute of Pedagogical Education and Adult Education, National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine.


The UNESCO Chair activities are reviewed every four years by leading experts of the Education Sector Future of Learning and Innovation Team UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme by UNESCO Head Office in Paris (France) regarding effectiveness and feasibility. In 2020, the UNESCO Chair on Lifelong Professional Education in the XXI Century received a positive result regarding the Renewal of its activities until 2024.

  • The purpose

    The purpose of the UNESCO Chair is to conduct researches on the problems of lifelong and pedagogical education to promote advance professional and personal development of adults, ensuring its social security and adaptation to the rapid changes of present and future.

The main tasks of the Chair are:


Creation the institutions network of the community of teachers, researchers and students in the field of professional, pedagogical and adult education;


Monitoring of emerging needs, as well as conditions, that determine the process of adult education reforming


Creation and implementation of national strategies for lifelong professional education of various categories of adults;


Cooperation with UNESCO in the framework of relevant programs and activities, as well as other UNESCO Chairs coordination, increasing the level of network
cooperation in Ukraine and abroad


Advanced training of scientific and pedagogical staff;


Information and advisory support of individual initiatives and projects on adult education, support of various categories of adults;


Organization and holding conferences, webinars, etc. on lifelong professional education


Creation an online platform for the exchange of knowledge and best practices on the lifelong professional education;


Publication of the electronic and scientific UNESCO Chair Journal "Lifelong Professional Education in the XXI Century".

Legal and Regulatory Provisions

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